House Rules


  • d20pfsrd – Pathfinder System Reference Document (
  • ISP – Inner Sea Primer
  • PFAPG – Pathfinder Advanced Players Guide
  • PFARG – Pathfinder Advanced Race Guide
  • PFC – Pathfinder Core Rulebook


Do your best to create a character that fits within the world of Golarion, which includes his/her name. If you have an idea that is a bit questionable contact your GM.

Ability Scores

Feel free to play around with adjusting your character’s ability scores until level 2. Once your character hits level 2 then the ability scores are set. The reason for this is some times you think STR will be better for your character, but after a couple of rounds you realize DEX should be a higher focus.



This part is optional. I would like it if you left your character’s fate to the dice and roll for their vitality stats. If your character lives long enough I will apply “aging effects” to them. [PFC pg. 168 or d20pfsrd]

  • Age
  • Height, Weight

Choose a city of birth or where your character’s adventure will begin. The reason is your character gains a trait based on that nation. [ISP pg. 4]


The equipment you start out with does not include your starting GP. Consider it a gift from your GM. You will start with standard equipment based on PFC rules. If you choose you are allowed 3 weapons to start:

  • Standard melee (no composites)
  • Secondary light melee (a simple knife or some other concealed weapon)
  • Secondary range (a simple ranged weapon unless your race/class allows it, no composites)


See Leveling Checklist for greater detail. This links to another campaign I’m hosting.



House Rules

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